2021 Raccoon Run WALL– Why we run…..

Since we are virtual again this year, we invite you to share your run and the why you run.

Send your input to jalcooper@aol.com


We do it for Life with Cancer!  Joyce and Jen with friend and LWC retired Director, Drucilla “Doodie” Brethwaite (C)

“I support the Mantua Raccoon Run because Life With Cancer is a life-saving gem in our community.  Life With Cancer especially helped to save my quality of life when I was being treated for Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2015-16, and they have continued to provide much needed support, education, and programming to me as a cancer survivor.  I have attended support groups, seminars, webinars, exercise classes, lectures, conferences, brunches, and educational programs, ALL of which improve the lives of people living with cancer. I will forever be grateful to Life With Cancer for their incredible work and I am now proud to partner with them as the co-founder of 2Unstoppable, providing SUPPORT and INSPIRATION for women with a cancer diagnosis to incorporate exercise into their lives.”
~ Michelle Stravitz